Rifle Stock Duplicating Service
Stocks cut from my wood or your wood, using my patterns or your patterns.

Bijou Creek will machine a semi inletted rifle stock for you from my pattern or yours using my wood or your wood, to your specifications in a reasonable time.
I use an M.L. Greene's duplicator, all stocks are cut one at a time and Bijou Creeks prices are based on a hourly shop rate.


For Practical reasons we are only maintaining a small number of patterns.

I will be pleased to machine a stock for you working from your pattern or your old damaged stock.
My goal is to supply premium wood and service to the professional and experienced stock maker.

I cut two piece stocks on SPECIAL ORDER ONLY.
I do not cut pump or automatic shotgun stocks.

Please contact Mike at Bijou Creek for a quote and time schedule.


Bijou Creek can cut your wood to one of my "Standard Patterns" as follows;
In order to provide the best possable service to those customers who like to send me there prize wood to be Duplicated it has been and will continue to be my own personal polocy to do the following when processing your wood.
If in my opinion at any time I uncover a defect in the wood which will affect the finished product or render the stock "unuseable", I will stop-work and contact you by e-mail or phone and ask for instructions as to how you would like me to procede.
You will only be charged for the "Machine Time and Labor" already expended on your project and return shipping.


The minimum dimensions of a RIFLE BLANK of sufficiant size to fit any of my patterns is as follows:

Minimum Blank Size:
Minimum length 32 1/2 inches.
Minimum height 6 1/2 inches (Buttt End).
Minimum height 2 1/2 inches (Fore End).
Minimum thickness 2 1/4 inches overall.
Please see sketch.

This is the Minimum size for "My Standard Patterns".

There are always exceptions, so if your blank is undersized e-mail me for suggestions.

Just a Quick note on Wood you send for Duplicating:
Because of past expierence, I will not accept wood for duplicating that is not between 6% and 12% moisture by my meter reading.
So if we find that you have sent wood which is either to "WET" or to "DRY" without informing us first, such wood will be returned to you with "Freight and a Service Charge" due and payable on receipt.

Edited by Mike Cuypers © May2011